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Personal Tutors in Europe
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We help schools and companies deliver wonderful courses with wonderful teachers; study mentors to support any course of study online or live.



We support any curriculum with professional Study Mentors both online and live.


If you don't hit a level 6.0 after using our course, we will give you 50% of your exam fee back.


Benefit from the energy of Native English interaction with your students from British and American mentors.

Albion Study Mentors

Today’s language courses benefit from innovative, online, and live, interactive communication. More now than ever before, Schools need to offer interesting, challenging, and rewarding courses both online and live.

Albion supplies excellent language mentors to support your courses.

You can hire a study mentor to support vocabulary development, examinations, and offer students' real variety in their courses with some exceptionally tallented mentors who are passionate about teaching.

Why Hire A Study mentor?

You benefit from sub contracting because an Albion mentor is paid by Albion and works on assignment. This saves you time, worry, recruitment costs, and risks, as our mentors are trained and ready to deliver any course of study for you.

We also include Albion's online study materials and online assessments, so your company can offer immediate online lessons at a very professional level!! No more zoom and Skype as we offer interactive, structured, online solutions in blended learning for your clients.

Try a free sample lesson, either for your online courses or live courses, we are confident that you will be very excited at what an Albion mentor brings to your school's curriculum.

Professional Study Mentors for your busines

Let us help you bring some energy into your courses

Classic Ready Made Courses

Private Study In London


A1 -A2 Living English


British Teacher of English.

Every lesson is designed to cover all the key communication skills to pass A1 and A2 English communication levels.  We study using activities, quizes, discussion, and guided grammar discovery.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

8 Study Sessions

British English Teacher

Cambridge Teachers


Cambridge Exam English


The IELTS exam is required to enter the majority of international universities. Work with an experienced skills trainer and prepare to get the results you need; authentic materials, courses designed to meet each part of the IELTS examination.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

British English Teacher

8 Study Sessions

Free IELTS Resources here.

Creative English Study


GCSE in English and IB Study


Homework support and focused study on all GCSE and IB topics. The tutor designs study sessions to help you score As in your home tasks and grow in confidence.

90 minute classess every week

British English Teacher

British English Teachers


B1 - B2 Living English


British Teacher of English

Albion Teachers are skilled in designing and curating their own personal study materials, which are made to cover each stage of your langauge development: quizes, challenges, games, grammar discovery through speaking and task based learning.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

8 Study Sessions

British English Teacher

Creative English Study


Creative English Through Music & Drama


Creative English allows students to develop through drama and music; led by a published British songwriter, you will learn to use English at its most expressive levels.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

British English Teacher

8 Study Sessions

Creative English Study


Academic English Study


Homework support and focused study on all English language coursess. The tutor designs study sessions, especially useful for non native English stduents to help you score A's in your home tasks and grow in confidence.

90 minute classess every week

British English Teacher

IELTS and Cambridge Exams


C1 Living English


The 5th level of English according to the CEFR structure, where you are an advanced level student. Students can discuss complicated feelings, emotions, texts, and discover new natural levels of vocabulary. This is the level where many students prepare for professional business exams and academic exams.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

8 Study Sessions

British English Teacher

Business English Study


English at work


Learn English for business, presentations, and international experience. We include active business situations, role plays,  focusing on functional language needs.

2 x 90 minute classess every week

British English Teacher

Creative English Study


University Preparation


Prepare motivational letters, source the right course of study, at the best school or University available.

Motivational essays

Application letters and process

Interview practice and Support

Albion Study Method




Albion Mentors work with schools and agencies to support the learner experience.

We design bespoke courses or follow your curriculum.


The Albion Method uses mentoring and coaching techniques

1. Professional freelance mentors work with you

Courses designed to support any curriculum

2. Task centred learning and communicative approach

3. Professional, certified, Safeguarding Policies

4. no more complicated contracts, just simple paid assignments, save on advertising, interviewing, and the risk of new people because with Albion we do it all for you!



We give monthly quizzes and reports to all our corporate clients to monitor progress.

Corporate clients have access to online data of their workforce attendance and growth 

Individuals also have monthly reviews and we offer regular interaction with native speakers for all language courses.

Academic Support for young learners, improved school results, study intervention to develop confidence and skills.

Course Outcomes are clear and transparent

Your success is our motivation

Please Book a consultation 



Managing Director

David Mc Pherson.

20 years of international experience in language camps, school projects, and designing and delivering specialist language courses.

He has worked internationally with corporate clients such as LinkLaters, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Delloitte, Tesco, Gazprom, and many others. 

David specialises in creating content, teaching IELTS, Academic, and B1 + levels of English for business and pleasure.

Super Powers: published singer songwriter.


Coach of Zen for Business

The Zen method of of life coaching helps leaders and teams establish focus of self. This method supports your heart-based, inner personal growth.

Coaching can invigorate a sales force, focus management, and support leadership.

Sessions available in Estonian and English.

DR Natalia Lappina

Music Mentoring

Natlalia has written songs for Grigory Leps and worked in Las Vegas. She has written the title tracks for several films, worked as an actres in international films including Night Train To Venice, featuring Hugh Grant, Russian Feature films, and performs in French, English, and Russian as well as being a Doctorate in Psychology. Her musical mentoring courses are a huge hit in Russia and the USA! She works between Moscow and Las Vegas.



Academic Specialist

Anna is a British academic specialist, associate lecturer at Huddersfield University, who supports students' on their academic journey. She can help students transition into British academic life with a variety of support courses designed for each candidate. The UK academic team consists of IELTS specialists, Academic specialists, all available online or face to face.


Opera Singer/Voice Coach

Lada, is a very talented opera singer offering voice coaching, singing lessons, both online and in person. She works with ages from 10 years +

She performs regualry and can be booked to perform for special events, parties, and cultural concerts.


English Study Mentor

Experienced American English teacher.



General English Study

Super Powers:

Tim is also an exceptional American ballroom dance coach and he we will be offering lessons in September too.


Albion Study For Study in UK.

Discover English Studies with some of the oldest and most trusted Language schools in Britain.

Our Partner schools offer English for adults and teens in London and Brighton and Canterbury.

Proofreading and Translation Services

We translate and proofread your documents.

Contact us for a quote on any project.

British and American Native Translation and Proofreading.

Turnaround is 3 days on any assignment up to 50 pages.

Average fee is 6.00 euro per page.

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