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The Portfolio offers new clients an insight into past and present educational projects

When we think of English study, we often think of books full of Units and grammar, that is, unless you're an Albion trainer. At Albion, when we think of English study our minds flood with interactive activities, cross-cultural challenges, solutions for improving corporate performance, and the benefits of creating real communicative courses. We imagine courses where outcomes can be verified by performance and results, where individuals and groups feel the challenge and joy of losing themselves in another language and culture .... in simple terms, we bring living language into every course we design and deliver.

Whether working with young learners or adults, we approach each assignment with fresh eyes and open minds.

In a world where Globish is spoken, we aim to develop English courses that reflect your intelligence, character, and sense of self and offer nothing less than perfect English courses because your voice should express your thoughts beautifully  in every language.

Our Founder

Working with Dibrov *famous Russian celebrity, who did his millionaire show with the kids and stayed with us through the summer along with his family, Our founder was the educational consultant and project director for the British camp hosting 1500 students, 85 staff - trained all the staff and designed the courses... responsible for the whole project recruitment, host hotel, and health and safety of almost 2000 people,


Inhouse courses designed

Corporate English Courses

We delivered courses to Linklaters, Deloitte, and Johnson as part of an employee benefits package - students studied personally designed courses at flexible times.


Chinese and Vietnamese students preparing for Harry Potter Lessons.

We designed and delivered English drama courses at UCLA University - England's 3rd largest University. Our founder was the course director managing the project, courses, and staff.


Ukraine 2013

We converted an underground bunker into study classrooms in Kyiv, Ukraine, and opened three schools!

Amazing Creative English camp incorporating music, dance, drama, and leadership skills.

Our founder was the Director and Staff Trainer.

Projects, Russia 2016

Our Founder feeling some love after the first session in Sochi, Russia where we also worked with the Kazahki Government and hosted 500 Kazhak students.

Publication Date

British study camps, Ukraine 2014

We delivered summer and winter camps. David was the director of the camp courses and staff trainer and recruiter.

He also taught creative English using music and drama, and also business English courses.

The Yangee Camp Project, Krasnaya Poliyarna Hotel, Sochi

40 multinational Staff

1500 students

on a mountain in Sochi!

We branded, marketed, and sold a new camp in 8 months and launched it/ visited by celebrity families and children, we delivered a fantastic study experience.

Amazing project = very challenging role as director and recruiter.

Professional Study Mentors for your busines

Let us help you bring some energy into your courses


Albion Study For Study in UK.

Discover English Studies with some of the oldest and most trusted Language schools in Britain.

Our Partner schools offer English for adults and teens in London and Brighton and Canterbury.

Proofreading and Translation Services

We translate and proofread your documents.

Contact us for a quote on any project.

British and American Native Translation and Proofreading.

Turnaround is 3 days on any assignment up to 50 pages.

Average fee is 6.00 euro per page.

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